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Welcome to our spell page.
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The following spell work is presented for the benefit of the experienced magick user. The works include a Declaration of Intent and path working. For the most part they employ the evocatory method (commanding universal forces). The tasks of selecting the form of magickal technique to be used, preparation of the working space, and the raising and releasing of Power is left to the reader. We are willing to answer questions.

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S The Test Spell by The Binder

By the Powers around me and the Powers to Side,
Within me this spell does now abide.
Growing stronger with each tide.

I would my memory be enhanced,
So numbers will do their proper dance,
And in my mind see the systems flow,
So their relationships I now know.

I will know the words defined,
And can answer what has been opined.
I see through the portal of my mind.
What I need is there to find!

I can master every coming test,
And feel the upwelling of my best,
The path I've chosen opens up for me,
What is WILLED will come to be!


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A Career Spell by The Binder

Powers around me and Powers to Side
Come into here in a tide,
Within this Work now abide!

I call to me the work I need,
And plant within my skills seed!
As Powers steadily grow in me,
My working path I shall see!

As I bring forth my energy
There will form a synergy!
Establish here an upward flow,
Until met, go fast not slow!

By strength of Will, thought, and deed,
Greater prosperity now do feed!
I will build upon my skills,
This energy my goals fulfill!

Now what I form in my mind,
Will be there for me to find!
To me now comes the Force,
To bring about my work's course!


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Within the Powers of Chaos Throes,
Where I direct, this spell goes!
Formed in the Butterfly Effect,
I n the Phase Space that I select!

Down through Fractal's spiral halls,
With quantum force go my calls!
Seized by the Power of Strange Attractors,
On my stage what's called are Actors!

Powers flow into my set,
The Analogs I call do net.
Probability does bend and flex,
Formed by Will in life's complex!

In my chosen time now Manifest,
In answer to my Magick's quest.
Powers from this chosen source,
Through all these workings now do course!


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Power by Bell

I call the Powers of North, of South, of East and West to me,
The Powers of Air, of Earth and Fire, the power of the Sea
The Guild stands as one, united, strong, open to the Force,
Combined our voices call aloud, our Will to be enforced!

The quest for all who stand within our circle, calls and true,
Good health, good Will, the Strength we need, to do what we would do.
We raise our voices to the night, the day, and all between,
Our bodies and our minds are fed, with all the Magick we have seen!

Come forth, dear friends, and take my hand, and the other hands inside!
Our magick knows no limits here! Our magick will abide!
And as the Moon goes through her Phase, her fullness gives us strength.
Each full moon swells; bodies stronger still; our joy grows in length.

We see our Power reflected in the light of one another's eyes.
We hear the Power we create in the sound of one another's cries.
We are together, we stand as one, each time we speak eachother's name,
The Power grows stronger to heal, to help, we'll never be the same!

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An Elemental Spell by Chesire

Elemental Forces hear my call - By the light that enters all - Stagnate spells to now unbind - Power sources for them find.

Element of Earth, your steady strength - Manifestations brought at length - Foundations strong I know you build - With added power from the Guild.

Element of Fire, burning bright - Blocking energies burn tonight - Elemental forces now inspire - Will now burning like wildfire!

Element of Water, your tides flow strong - Fill this space with your sweet song - Cleanse this spell of old restraints - And wash away all other's taints!

Element of Air, swift and sweet - Now my spell is complete - New beginnings inwards flow - Seeds of change, I do sow!


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A SUMMONING by Carmella

For those who seek to find,

Answers within the Mind.

For those who wish to know

The traditions of long ago.

For those who would open the door,

To the wisdom of those gone before.

We call upon thee at this hour,

To bear witness to the Abyss of Power.

In Chaos we're born,. In Chaos we reign.

The only constants; diversity and change.

Project your Will. Project it forth.

From East, from South, from West, from North.

Is magick a privilege? Nay, its a right!

For those who would find it, we call thee this night!

Join us now! See what may be!

To know the truth is to be free!

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Guild Prosperity

Within the Powers of the Guild,
A prosperity spell I now build,
Every positive power now abide,
This spell strengthens in a tide!

From the Guild core now flows gold,
To the member's hands to hold.
Drawn from throughout the mundane world,
Our prosperity is now unfurled!


From the paths that we select,
Our desired funds we now collect,
Our creative energy this does feed,
It will dispel financial need!

Opportunity now seeks us out,
And guides us down our chosen route,
So we put this command,
Prosperity come and with us stand!


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Gather the winds, fan the flames
Draw energy into a circling plane
Movement and energy start to abound
Into a vortex spinning round

Faster and faster the spiral goes
Generating power as it grows
This column of Fire, Wind, and Air
Has the Force to Accelerate where

With direction I shall choose
To define the necessary mood
Speed up, power forward, add to the charge
Of money coming into me


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The Chant of the Seer by Sterling

Darkest Night, Tower of Stone,
Cup of Skulls and bone carved Throne.
Blood red draping, blood red eyes,
The Veil is open on hag ridden skies.

Open your eyes and look to see,
That which is and yet to be.
Here and there, far and near,
Through twisting mists of Time you peer.

What you see you shall recall,
What you hear remember all.
Look beyond the mists and see,
What may come and what may be.

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Temple Building Spell

By the Power of the Guild,
A summoning spell we now build!
By the Power of the Earth,
Who gave us all our magickal birth!
Magickally we now acclaim,
Temple come to the physical plane!
Within three years become the ground,
Where we can all meet in round!


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