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(Warrior goes to crone)

Warrior: The days are short. The nights are long. The tribes are starving. I am looking for the druid Nicolas, as he may help. 

Crone: (Laughs). Well fine, if you want to travel, you may travel. You will travel further than you will realize because the days pass quickly. Go to the East.

(Warrior goes to the east.)
 I am looking for the druid Nicolas. East: He is no longer here. He has traveled afar. I hear he went on a long journey to the South. He is now know as Nicolas Claus. But I will give you my blessing to assist your travels. 

(Warrior goes South )
 I am looking for Nicolas claus. South: He is no longer here. He has traveled afar. I hear he went west on a long journey. He is now known as St. Nick because of the wonderful gifts he bestows on the needy. Try the West. And here is my blessing to aid in your journey. 

(Warrior proceeds to the West.)
 I am looking for St. Nick. West: Alas, he is no longer here. He has traveled afar. I hear he went to the far North. He is now known as Santa Claus. There he has found help among the small folk to aid him in creating wonderful gifts. Try the North and here are my blessings to aid you in you travels. 

(Warrior travels North.)
Warrior: I am looking for Santa Claus, who was once known as the druid Nick. I have questions for him. North: Ahhh. But he is no longer among us. Very few seek him anymore. I hear he exists in the realm of the fae and appears through the veil only one night a year. Still, very few see him. So, his giving nature has spread world wide in the hearts of people. 

Warrior: But our people are starving. The nights are long and cold. Our food does not grow. What should I do? North: I hear there is an old crone who once knew this druid Nick.She resides in the center of all. Go there with my blessings and ask your questions. Warrior spirals back to center muttering about going back to whence he came and arrives in front of the Crone. 

Crone: Chuckles: So, you are back mighty warrior! 

Warrior: I have traveled to East, South, West and North, only to find out I must come here for my answer. 

Crone: But was not your question about finding the druid Nick? 
Yes, No! My true journey was to find a way for feed our starving tribes. The sun is vanishing and the nights are long. Our food will not grow and game is scarce. 
So what is your question?

Warrior: Will the sun come back so our people can live? 

Crone: Yes. 

Warrior: How can we know when it comes back? 

Crone: (Laughs) For more times than I can remember, the nights get longer then the days suddenly begin to grow. These answers were in your heart. You know them to be true. But if you fell that something must be done, take a candle from the flame of my heart. Pray to Lugh. Let the flame burn all night and you will begin to notice the change. 
(Crone lights a candle from her candle and hands it to warrior.)(Warrior spirals out and joins the circle.)(Warrior hands a candle to each person in the circle.)(St. Nick lights it.)

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