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Welcome to our Rituals page.
If you like your Rituals to be published here please email it to us for consideration:
The following rituals are presented for the benefit of the experienced ritualist. They do not include the prepartion of the ritual space nor the closing there of. The magickal technique employed is invocational in nature (Requesting help from a Deity). We are willing to answer questions.

Yule Ritual | Tyche Ritua | A Gestalt Prosperity Ritual | Energy Shift - Phase I
Phase 1

This is spell work intended to shift probability on a macro level in consensus reality. The ultimate goal of this working is to shift away from a petrolium based energy source to a hydrogen based energy source. There are a number of good reasons for doing this. Among them are the reduction of environmental pollutants and dependence on outside sources of energy as well as hydrogen being a more economical and available fuel source in the long run. Oil is a nonrenewable energy source and considering its many other uses its just too valuable to burn. This effort is not a technological dream scene. Iceland is presently in the process of doing just this. You can look on this as an acceleration working.

Projected launch time and date: 8 PM, PST, Tuesday, February 4th, 2003 CE

Materials: A small toy car to be used as a "servitor" and a piece of paper to draw runes on. You can draw the runes on the car itself.

Runes: (a) Fa/Fehu symbolizing issues of money/wealth. (b) Ur/Uruz symbolizing breaking bindings (c) Rad/Raidho symbolizing a quest or journey (d) Wyn/Wynaz symbolizing success in struggle and/or union of energies. If you draw the Runes on paper place the toy car so that they surround it. Visualize the car (servitor) gaining these attributes.

Spell - Repeat three times, two lines at a time. (every 2 lines X 3)

Powers around us and Powers to Side - Within this Working now abide - Then flow outward in a tide - Causing change where all reside!

This vehicle should be eclectic - Most of its power to be electric - As a bridge for what is said - More and more will be hybrid!

This spell moves out to seek and find - The foremost place in production's mind - Increase the tempo of this Change - Throughout the industry it will range!


This is Phase I in shifting energy sources. The more of us that participate the quicker it will happen.

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