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Welcome to our Rituals page.
If you like your Rituals to be published here please email it to us for consideration:
The following rituals are presented for the benefit of the experienced ritualist. They do not include the prepartion of the ritual space nor the closing there of. The magickal technique employed is invocational in nature (Requesting help from a Deity). We are willing to answer questions.

Yule Ritual | Tyche Ritua | A Gestalt Prosperity Ritual | Energy Shift - Phase I

by The Binder

This ritual is probably best practiced by experienced practioners in the area of invoking. A successful ritual allows Tyche to merge with the invoker. Please refer to the "Invoking the Muse" article on this site. Some serious pathworking is recommended prior to the ritual. Tyche is the ancient Greek Deity of good fortune. Under the Romans almost every city had a temple dedicated to Tyche alone whom they had renamed Fortuna. She was their patron Goddess and the guardian of the Roman state. She is still invoked today as "Lady Luck". In most representations she is depicted holding the Horn of Plenty, the baby god Plutus, or a sheaf of corn. She is often depicted wearing a crown in the form of a city wall to honor her aspect of Guardian. The following spell work may be used as a lead in to the invoking process.By all the Powers far and near
I would that Tyche now will hear,
And She to us good fortune steer,
So we can build on what's held dear!We ask to merge with our Muse,
So our talents we can use,
To open up our hidden mind,
Our prosperity there to find!Into the world we cast our net,
So that our money needs be met,
We now ignite Creation's fire,
Our skills will fulfill our desire!For every dollar that does outward spin,
Three will come to dwell within,
Tyche, please come in a glowing flow,
Help us maintain and grow and grow!IT IS WILLED! SO MOTE IT BE!

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