Light Breeze, Colorful Leaves, Bare Trees; it’s Autumn in Australia

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No matter what the time of year might be, Australia always has an event coming up or going on for everyone. If you’re organizing a trip to Australia during the fall months, a lot is happening, and it’s a good reason to be excited. Take an adventure and explore magical Australia’s autumn from March to May across most of the country.

There are loads of events waiting for you in this lively and beautiful Australian country: Easter holidays, Labor Day, Canberra Day and Anzac Day. The Sydney Mardi Gras festival occurs in February and ends in March with the all-night ball and a colorful nighttime parade. This is an ideal destination, with a warmer climate in the fall season, and scarcer tourists than in the hectic summer.

The color of the season

There are still plenty of spectacular spots to take in the changing colors of fall foliage in Austrian’s forests from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red. Excellent places to see fall’s beautiful colors are at Canberra and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Fall Festivals

Several festivals are happening during this season. The Canberra Balloon Spectacular, Canberra Comedy Festival, Canberra Country Blues & Roots Festival, Groovin the Moo, Skyfire and many more.

Outdoor Adventures

Autumn in Australia is one of the best times for outdoor adventures. The month of September is perfect, with its moderately warm weather, while in October and November; it offers plenty of days that are comfortable for being outdoors. Take biking tour, or motorcycle rides through the beautiful fall scenery or opt for kayaking or zip-lining for some adventure. Expect some rain and pack accordingly with lots of layers and waterproof clothing.

Litchfield National Park

The Northern territory’s stunning Litchfield National Park has plenty of thundering falls, and refreshing plunge pools will tempt you to stay awhile and breathe in the peace of the surrounding monsoon forest. Visit historic ruins from pioneering days, wander and follow the waterfall walkways and gaze in wonder at enormous termite mounds that dot the landscape. Also, don’t miss soar above the Lost City on a scenic helicopter flight and joining a multi-day tour of the park’s highlights.

Ski Season

The ski slopes in the Alpine region of Victoria’s High Country is the site of the state’s ski resorts, while the New South Wales is in the Snowy Mountains approximately south-southwest of Canberra, you’ll find ski slopes in Tasmania, too.

When you’re not skiing in Tasmania, you can challenge the infamous Franklin River on a white-water rafting expedition. Cruise down the majestic Gordon River and hike past 1000-year-old Huon pines in one of the world’s last temperate rainforests for a real taste of this rugged corner of Australia.

Last but not least, from historical and cultural attractions, festivals that are holding event throughout the year, there is always something new and unique to see and do around Australia.