Handy Tips for Traveling Light

The benefits of traveling light are well-documented. Hardcore travelers would always tell you that you should minimize your luggage to maximize your enjoyment during a trip, regardless of how long you would be away. Of course, doing this is much easier said than done. Here are some handy tips from my close pal at Direct Service Overhead. He travels light in his spare time away from work. You can use these tips to start traveling light. Highly practical and effective, these tips will change the way you pack things.

1. Use a smaller suitcase- You know what is one of the best ways to travel light? Try using a smaller suitcase or travel bag. That way, you will really have to think long and hard on what to include in your suitcase. It will force you to reconsider what your true travel essentials are, and will help you pack accordingly. Other advantages of using a smaller suitcase include being easier to carry and store in tight spaces. It will take some time getting used to, but having a smaller suitcase will greatly help you travel light.

2. Consider getting a travel scale- If you are a regular traveler, it would be nice to purchase a travel scale. It is a very tangible and very objective metric to determine if you are carrying too much luggage for your trip. You should aim to make the amount of weight you carry on trips as low as possible. You can even experiment with packing just a certain weight for your next trip. You can get a portable travel scale from most stores that sell suitcases and other travel items.

3. Create a list of essentials- One of the most common reasons why people end up carrying too much in their bags is because they don’t really plan what items should they bring along in the trip. Making a list of what you plan to bring can be very helpful for you. Create the list that only contains what you will absolutely need on your trip. Also, take note if you brought too much of something. For example, you probably would only need 3 types of footwear max during a 1-week trip!

4. Bring lighter clothing as much as possible- Clothing is one thing that occupies a lot of space in your luggage. While clothes are essential, they can add a lot of space and weight to your baggage if you are not careful. One way to travel light is to bring clothes made of lighter material. These clothes are easier to pack and carry around. For example, if going to a cold country, instead of using thick jackets, consider bringing a thinner one that provides the same level of insulation.

5. Pack your things creatively- One of the ways you can reduce dead space and weight in your luggage is to be a little more creative on how you pack your things. For example, it may not be in your best interest to use shoe bags for each of your footwear. Instead, you can use shower caps to cover your shoes. You can also use drawstring wash bags to further organize your things, allowing you to compartmentalize your luggage without taking up too much space.

If you want to learn more about traveling light, check out this video.