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The Guild’s course “The Path of the Adept” is presently being taught in Portland, Oregon and Long Beach, California.
The class is intended to expose the student to several different forms of magick using so that individual choices can be made. It is broken up into three sections.
• The first phase is “Mastering the Magickal mind” which introduces one to the magickal paradigm and helps instill self confidence.
• The second phase is “technique” that teaches various rituals and magickal approaches.
• The final phase is “Hands–on” which emphasizes creativity, innovation, and practice. This is a course in personal magickal technology and has the goal of increasing magickal power within the parameters of the student’s abilities.
There are various other courses being offered by the individual members.

People interested a specific approach such as Wicca are encouraged to inquire. Their questions will be forwarded to the relevant teachers within the Guild.

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