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Welcome to our spell page.
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The following spell work is presented for the benefit of the experienced magick user. The works include a Declaration of Intent and path working. For the most part they employ the evocatory method (commanding universal forces). The tasks of selecting the form of magickal technique to be used, preparation of the working space, and the raising and releasing of Power is left to the reader. We are willing to answer questions.

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This is a Chaos Magick form of banishing ritual. As such it is rather free form and dependent on the focus of the person putting it into effect.

Material items needed for the ritual: A candle, a container to hold burning objects, some paper, and something to write with.

Your statement of intent will be focused on banishing something so the first thing to do is compose a mantra that states this. As an example, "I don't need ******** in my space! It must vanish from my place!" Now write on your paper all the instances you can think of where what you are going to banish affected you. Leave enough space between each instance so that you can divide it from however many others you have written down. Separate them and make a pile of them. Establish a working area and place your candle, container, and the pile of paper in it. You are ready to do ritual.

Light the candle and focus on the flame until you see layers of color around it. Usually these are yellow, blue, green, and violet. Meditate on this for a bit. Now raise up the appropriate emotion to fuel the work.

Pick up one of the pieces of paper from the pile and recite your mantra three times. Light it from the candle flame and drop it into the container. While it is burning laugh as hard as you can. Repeat this with each piece of paper in the pile.

To finalize the ritual cup the aura you see around the candle flame between the palms of your hands and launch it upwards. All during this laugh as hard as you can until you feel emotionally drained. Extinguish the candle and you are done.


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