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By George D. Jackson _ Adept V

Invoking is a magical method of calling up and merging with a selected Deity or Spirit. The usual purposes for this exercise are to gain the favor of the selected entity and to share some of that entity's attributes. All too often the applications of power that are gained by a successful rite are quite difficult to put into practical usage. This circumstance frequently comes about due to the position a person presently occupies in "consensus reality" or what we sometimes refer to as the mundane world. Because of this it is a good idea to plan a route to get from where one is to where one desires to be. In magickal terminology this is called path working and should be done prior to performing any invoking ritual.

One of the rituals performed by the ancient Greeks was called invoking the muse. They considered that there were nine goddesses that presided over the arts, science, and literature, Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania, and Thalia. Even a casual examination of these names will reveal how they or portions of them have come down to us in our modern language. Many of them are directly related to how e describe music. Over the ages the word "muse" has come to mean the spirit or source of genius or inspiration. It also indicates a states of meditation. As a subject for invocation, whether one considers a Muse an internal or external condition, it is hard to improve on.

Now for a short dissertation on how to invoke a Muse. The first thing to do is some path working which not only involves planning how you intend to put any attributes that you gain into practical application, but also includes researching the entity you have chosen to invoke and establishing a proper environment. The environmental portion of the ritual can include the decoration of your "working space" with elements connected to the entity selected and perhaps establishing a link by placing a book, CD, picture, or sculpture on your altar that reinforces your mental image of the entity. Once this is accomplished to your satisfaction the next thing to do is establish a Statement of Intent such as "It is my will to become one with ______!" now you are ready to perform your ritual. After drawing the circle and establishing the wards speak your Statement of Intent aloud three times making it an act of sorcery. The next three levels of the operation are also done aloud. Speak the deeds and history of the chosen entity in the third person. Speak of the entity's qualities in the second person. Speak of the powers of the entity in the first person. All during this rite a merging takes place. if one has exercised the necessary belief in the entity invoked and relaxed one's personal defenses enough to allow the transference. A successful ritual will allow one to access the attributes of a selected entity on a conscious level making it part of one's personal Aspect.

For the readers that decide to attempt this type of operation I wish you the best of relationship with your newly acquired Muse. Any feedback concerning this rite would be of great interest.

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