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The dictionary definition of the word adept includes skillful, practiced, expert and proficient. To achieve this level takes time, study, practice and experience. Many of the same things that will make one successful in "consensus reality", what the majority of the population considers the real world, are the same things that cause one to become a Magickal Adept. Becoming adept in any area of achievement is going to require dedication and application. This is especially true in the magickal paradigms where a great deal of the results can only be measured in a personal and subjective manner. One needs persistence, analysis, self discipline, and the realization that what works for you may not work for other people to reach the the level of Adept.

In most magickal paradigms there is a general "Rule of Three." The three steps in a magickal operation can be listed as first, the statement of intent, what one wants to accomplish; second, Path Working or designing a route for one's intention to operate in; and third, manifestation and application. A Magickal Adept consciously and subconsciously works within these parameters. Two things have helped to bring this about. The first is a recognition that the world is an extremely complex place, the full depths of which will probably never be grasped and the second is that magickal powers are literally the result of self-discipline. Magick is not a refuge for mentally and emotionally lazy people! The focus that is required is much too intense for that. However, this does not preclude that magick can be fun and enjoyable. Some of our highest levels of gratification comes from the manifestation of something we worked hard to achieve.The first step on the path to becoming an Adept is to devote one's self to a state of study and learning. This will be ongoing and may last one's entire lifetime. As one gains experience in this effort, three stages of assimilation of knowledge are generally encountered: new, boring, and without effort. The boring level is the obstacle one has to overcome in order to reach without effort. As repetition is a significant method of impressing something on the subconscious mind where all memory is stored, boring can be easily part of the process. However, how many things can we do really well without a considerable level of practice? Another thing that boring can accomplish is the stifling of our observation of the magickal occurrences that go on around us on a day-to-day basis. One does not learn well by going off-line so to speak. Learning about something magickal does not imply agreement--that comes next.Path Working involves putting some of the things you have learned into motion. This is where art and creativity become important, with self-discipline as a key. This is also the area where agreement comes into play. Involved with this approach can be a technique called Creative Visualization. The things we visualize best are those that we have had experience with, generally falling into two areas, the physical and the emotional. The physical is by far the easiest to work with. To make the visualization more complete it might be well to go out and inspect the thing desired. This will also help establish an emotional flow to connect with the thing. Emotion is one of the primary fuels for magick. Included in this operation should be the understanding that probability has a tendency to flow down the path of least resistance as water does. That means that what you are working for should be within your sphere of availability and also it may be wise to set some limitations on how things come to you. When you have all of this firmly in mind it is time to write a spell which becomes a flow chart for bringing your intent into manifestation. Personal power is applied at this point in the form of a ritual and then one awaits results. All of this takes practice, practice, practice and the firmly held belief that your magick is going to work.The last step in becoming an Adept is a constant state of analysis. A good deal of this is directed at one's self as well as the results of one's magickal operations. An Adept is steadily reminded that the only constant observable in our Universe is change itself.I have not written anything about spirituality up to now. This may be the most personal aspect of a person's character and can be considered the ultimate responsibility of every individual to deal with on her/his own. Trying to change another person's character by magick is a waste of time and energy. I like to think that the development of character is every person's "Great Work of Art."George Jackson Adept V The Sorcerer's Guild


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