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In the dark of this night, light-falls
Form a myriad of ways unto tomorrow.

Be it so now declared that the power of word
Defines this last of days.
Even unto the Priests of Stone and Earth
Come Binding Ways.In dream and vision, in silence,
Open mouthed, triumphant,
Comes word, comes dream, Beloved,
To the darkening Earth.

INTRODUCTION:For the Telling I should say that, in dream and vision, "Besom's Kin" burst into life, onto the page, with a force virtually unstoppable at the time. An interface of imagination and multiple realities that rivals the sweaty seed of a decaying pod to the fertile ground perhaps. It all started …Minding my own business, pottering along in life, exploring ideas pertaining to stars from a magickal perspective … these things equated to my then current state of play. Enter one old woman carrying a strange claw-headed staff, who slipped into my field of vision through a fold of time. The old woman brought with her a shadow priest of sword and sacrifice and a small ragged urchin by the name of Lil who seemed to have stepped out of western Britain in the first quarter of the sixth century. "Besom's Kin" represents the collective voice of thirteen speakers of Stone Law, from different points of the space/time continuum, and unanimously focussed on two specific issues viz. cyclic elements of global change, and aspects of disconnection associated with such chaos.The stanzas within "Besom's Kin" appear in the chronological order in which they manifested. The sections form a circular design and perspective can get shifted by selecting any point as a beginning since the nine central speakers form a series of intersecting triads as an expression of a flow of energy. Hear now the words of "Besom's Kin" as the first of speakers, Besom, the old woman from the hill, sanctions the use of word and gives her name. Take what you will from her words and depart in peace.SO BE IT:No scribe can change a single word,
For being writ … be so. Many the tongue
Have foolish spoke of catching
Drift with name. Not so. So given.UNTO THE AGES:Be someone kind to elder kin
With dram of lye for kelpies’ sin.
Not seem, not are … not anything
If shame be done to Besom’s kin.Lo! Where the bee sups, Bel and I
Scrumble byrgen in days gone by,
And where the snake feeds, Sol and I
Harvest chittering, by and by.But where the wraith shapes, Llud and I
Fell the offering ere we die.
In that web of our own device,
There will be King and Sacrifice.

THE POWER AND THE BEAUTY:Behold the words of the votive priest, Beleon, keeper of the law of tuat and servant to the Lord Bel. Know that he comes as a priest to the mighty Tuatha De Danann and bonded to their fate. The noble Tuatha De Danann, forced from their lands in the first month of the Scorpion, in the fifth year of the great drought, travelled out in search of a home. This servant Beleon, bought to appease the gods, went with them. Long may they both rule from their green island world.Now, as these words imprint upon your mind, time becomes you in this one night of Summoning. A cyclic frame, a gathering of Will to activate the mind of Adam's kin, when cycles turn again, as turn they must. Dreamers should all become aware of weave. So it will be.

SHE COMES:Be there one masque of tragedy,
One honeyed dance, a gathering
In power, form not seen in drift,
Until She comes to offered gift.

FOR THE TELLING:With four times four the spell was cast,
For stars must turn to come at last,
But for the Telling you must find
The name to bring our worth in line.Nine by nine and twice times more
I should be outside the door.
For the Telling, be there no lie,
Come solve my riddle. Who am I?Know four times three brings truth in line,
And singers all if there be five.
For the Telling, there be no lie
And you will find me by and bye."There be no lie, so I have found,
The means to bring your name to ground,
Remove the Sight if I am wrong,
For I so name thee, Beleon."So be it done, that we would be
The Summoner and votive Priest
To finish now the last of song
Ere we must be eternal, Daonn.

Follow the old one of the hill,
To power of stann and dragon’s will,
But heed her words for mortal care
When worlds be rite and we are faer.Follow the old one of the feld
Passed whisper, spiral markings held
In lonely places that we be
Returned in song and fervent prayer.Nine Singers wait upon a turn
Of challenge from the Crowning Stone,
That for the Telling there would come
In lightning flash, another sun.Another sun in gift and deed,
From distant tide of boundless sea:
Four signets, aye! Four Laws to bleed,
Three for the telling, one yet to be.

THE CROWN AND THE KINGDOMS:Herein are the words of the Summoner, Besom. Old wifman is Besom, servant and keeper to the Lady Banh. Know we kept the bond beyond our world. All else would fade but this. Death holds no sway over the binds of soul. This be sworn truth by the heart of lady stone.Now, upon return, we hear the Call when worlds are thin in time. Let it get known that gif the priest speak true then ham wyrd we all go one starry night. Come soon beginnings for the Nine are guard and witness to the secretions of dream that give us form. Forgive. Besom not so fine with words as one who speaks before. So there should be nine by nine as one, is offered for we all shift as threads in time and all keepers of the lady stone.
Fie if you hear me, fie if you don’t,
Cursed to be hung by the heel and the throat.
One for the Maker, two for the King
And three for the Realms of your Own Making.Run if you see me, live if you do,
Be cursed to the heavens for being untrue.
Four for the Servant, five for the Whore
And six for the Demons at your back door.Stay in the circle, silent and still,
Pledge trow as your payment marking the will.
Seven, Ge fera, eight for the Bye,
Nine for the Banh: for her words you will die.

NINE FOR THE WORD:Come to the circle, nine as your guide,
Turn to the Lady by eidolon’s light.
Nine is the Chalice, cryptic and still
In pause for the fire of Talisman’s will.Banh be thy lady, Banh be thy guard,
Veiled to the morrow, gan to the stars,
She; also nameless, empty, alone,
Destroyer of mages, kingdoms and thrones.Thrice to the circle: listen, beware,
The claedarh are wailing, piercing the air;
Banh hunts the Hunter, Banh seeks out word,
Banh marks the quarry and takes for her own.

NINE FOR THE LAW:Nine are the faces, in shadow the wyrd
To measure the steadfast, handhold the feared,
Three for the keeping, three for the song
And three for the blood-line, Aesir and Daonn.Fie if you know me, fie if you don’t,
Cursed to be caught at the heart and the throat.
Once for the morrow, once for the eye,
Last for the Elderen, keepers of time.Go to the Maker, Singer of Law,
Keep silence the marker, pray for us all,
Three for the Lady, twice for the King,
And last for the bindings of Unity.

THE MAKER OF GE FERA:Herein are the words of the first spinner, Inan, the Stone Dreamer of Dragons. Praise unto Inan, the first of the law givers, the Dragon Lords. Memory comes long and we remember in the Telling of the time when the Dragons hearth-marked the Earth. Blessings unto Inan, the maker voice of ge fera. Inan, from the house of the sky Aesir, and kin to the Danann, speaks of the sacred bond between the ge fera, the fellow travellers, the blood brothers and sisters on the journey of life's awareness. From the realms of dream we mark the first Law of Seeing as ge rad and claim rule beyond our winter banishment. Truth binds the first enclosure for the maker voice.

By ash and hazel, from copper hill
The song of Inan leaps upon the wind.
Cast in stone, the last of Aesir’s blood
Returns the cry until the tears are done.Ge fera, Aesir, Danann and Shidhe,
All faer in blood, all bondsmen to the Trees,
In time belonging, and so we are
Out-woven and drifting to change … dura.Death is slow and memory is long
And we remember who we were before,
Ge fera star Lords and Ladies faer
Return, for we, the Elderen, are there.

When worlds come thin our Makers call
Within the threads of time and we respond,
For blood, ge fera, takes last of song
As this is writ ere there is movement on.So do you hear us and do you care
To find ge fera, Lords and Ladies fair?
If you respond from ignorance or sight
The journey has begun with thunder’s might.Time is for singing. We lie in wait
For Gods and Man to act upon a day,
Mark, not Hek re-echo Set – is time
To finish what began as dream and cry.

THE CHOSEN:Time was for silence, our names concealed
In crown of stone for strength and right to be,
Ne’er spoke the power, that even death
Would hold no sway upon our living breath.All words be someone’s tithe of soul
With payment measured in the thoughts unspoke,
Be ever ge laered in what you do
For in the maze of mind speaks secret runes.Time is near empty, the paths are gone,
Coren, you have chosen, you think beyond,
Take up the ge rad, the shield and claw,
For Winter’s Keep reveals the final door.

THE SPINNERS:Dreaming lives in fractured eldritch signs,
And thread once broken is renewed in time,
Echoes of the past returned, replayed,
Give measure and our mark unto the Ain.We are the spinners of Elderen,
Last of the gatu to the realms beyond,
In crown of nine-stone, the turning wheel
Wherein, in time, our fate was cast and sealed.We dream the dreaming with shuttered eye,
Lost to the outer worlds of time and tide.
As land folc forget, our worlds retreat
To shores of whispering and restless sleep.

THE KING OF SINGER BRIGHT:These are the words of the second Singer, Edrik, Sword Keeper of Kings and guardian of the gatu, the gates in stone. From the glacial coils of the snow serpent to the wind swept eastern steppes, the feats of Edrik warmed the darkest of winter nights. Wolf demon in battle, master of the hearth, redeemed in death to be, unto the Summoning, the first of cin mann comes the old king. Praise be to the sword arm of the warrior Edrik, eternal guard to the Realms of the noble Shidhe.

WHEN CYCLES RUN:List, child of our dream, break through the Dark,
Our Winter banishment. The Tuatha de,
Care not for bondage, when cycles run
And disavowed we die for being Danann.Time is near empty, our kin most gone,
For no one sings of Dravae, Maeddor, Tonn.
No one weeps for there is no one there
So on we dream entrapped in bleak despair.

Who raises cin mann calls the Claedarh
Calls the cin folc soft from barrow hwanon,
Who summons Edrik of the eld lore
Opens eyes to danger if way unsure.We hold the circle from the darkness,
From the tidefall to tomorrow, for breath
Ever long denied, does not abate
But falter in the weakening of days.Long time for master sword mann Edrik,
Keeper of the gatu, to feel the cwic,
To warm with blood’s fire our eldritch mark
And course my Singer through the Veils of Dark.

List, child of our dream, what marks the gift
To stay the Singer Bright from turning drift?"I offer blood upon the morrow
And leave my shadow soul upon the door…"You are thrice welcome if truth be gift,
And measure of the heart shapes opening,
You are twice welcome to lay your fears
Outside the Lady’s mark of stann and bier.Last welcome dream child to memory
That spans all reason for return to be,
Ge fera cin hold honour faithful

Beyond all else measured to our Lady’s rule.FOR RETURN:"I offer greetings from the winter,
From the sunfall to last midnight…"Enter Child of Dreaming, gates await thy move
Upon an opening and we so too."I offer eye to see and bare my heart
From midnight to the Veils of Dark…"Enter Child of Singers, and faer thee well
For honest gift that weaves a sacred spell."Three times I offer all, and dying
Recreate the whitten land. So spinning
That my tokens in a weave of gold
Pledge time for magick ere this night is old."Enter, Lord of Spinners, take ge rad
To heart, and mark the first of stone. The Banh
Awaits. Restless, She who never sleeps
Lies empty in the heart of Hidden Keep.

ONE DEATH:My Singer Bright turns back one morrow
By single gem of blood within its hold,
If death be vanquished on dark of night
Who wields the power of that Sword of Light?

Take heed of the words of the third Spinner, the Sarathea, the Stone Dreamer of Pain. Understand that the worlds of dream and vision have secret folds wherein the imprinted echoes of the Vanquished sigh their discontent and would be returned upon our fragile realm of Earth. Be mindful of the shadow whispering, for in this sphere there are great secrets to be found within the babble. Herein is echo trapped for some eternity. Lost are the speakers, lost are the souls, lost, even unto the sacred dura, the sign of the tree that holds our form. Take nothing but the memory and never stray beyond the path.

THE VEIL OF PAIN:In the Realms Between, the silfren folds
Of Shadow Whisper rattle on their thrones
With rasping breath, waiting for the sign
Of Enterer, before they will to strike.Move on and quickly through this dream world,
Give nothing to your hand, or be returned
Fire broken, hollowed, with no repair
For soul and silenced tongue, so have a care.Fractured images do bleed the mind
And for the take would Sarathea cry.
Bereft of form the ley unravels

On the traveller’s eye a deathly spell.THE VEIL OF TEARS:Move on and quickly through realms between,
The rite of passage does acknowledge yield
Is due, but winking eye has measured
Hold on form and heart-fire, and bids to learn.Seekers that have failed are we and say
We are the Sarathea. Marked by pain,
In whisper feeding, never full. No!
Sated, never, and evermore alone.

On, move swiftly on, but stay awhile,
Find the first of gatu, there is still time.
Unmask, come nearer, we will offer
Such beauty, never seen upon the Earth!For pleasure dreaming stay, stay awhile
And we will course the blood with our life-fire.
You will be the ruler of all fates,
And Lord, Keeper, of our eternal days.Light fell once of us, away, redeemed,
Used Eye for shaping soul, then took the Key
That we could not repair such damage
Done. Dying now we seek that eldritch mage.

TO KINGDOM COME:Come nearer, dream child, we cannot see
For binds upon the eye to staunch the bleed,
Repel us. Hither, child of the Dark,
Help us again to see our homing star.What god portrays you, where is your time?
How empty drifting is for Aesir’s line.
Stay awhile, stories do impress, shade,
And ease the Sarathea’s endless days.For your kindness we should ease you, give
You treasure so beyond your time to live,
That child of blood-line, unto seven lines,
Will be so blessed from gifts within this time.Come closer, dreamer, feel our softness,
Know the warmth of hahka enfolding breath.
Deep within, we fire your soul with this
The Dragon’s lay and seal it with a kiss.Do not leave, never meant to harm you.
Do not leave us, help us find the way through.
In the Realms Between, the silfren folds

Of Shadow Whisper rattle on their thrones.THE SERVANT OF SECRET HEART:This be the song of the fourth Singer, Nuida, the Sword Keeper of Dragons. All honour be given unto the Lord Nuida, first war general to the Tuatha De Danann, and rightful king at the End of Days. This be sanctioned by the throat of the sacred stone, the L'ia Fal. We made our pledge and began the preparations for our course. Beyond one quarter through the sign of Ram did the Tuatha De Danann leave their homes as the Scorpion left the sky, and travelled out in search of land. Know that this be sanctioned by the heart of the sacred stone, the L'ia Fal. And from the seat of the L'ia Fal, comes the voice of Tara, from the Hall of Tara, the last and rightful king, Nuida, the One Armed, and speaks of gift pledged in time before. All honour given unto Nuida, the voice of the Tuatha De Danann.

TOKEN BROTHER:Know, the mysteries of secret heart
Are sealed in name. So bearing gift we are
Revealed in turn for one moment seen
Within the fall of Sammhain and May Eve.Who calls the Lady’s guard Nuida
Must know the Spinners’ Law. To be unarmed
On waking does not bode well for kin
Save for thee, Lord of Sarathea’s will.

INTERFACE:Even we who never put to word
Our Linking Lands for fear of no return,
Did not believe by the Water’s Still
That you would come here now of your free will.All your thinking bound the Will of Light
For some illusive good by which you die
And come reborn the Lord of Thunder.
May Quirinus protect us from these turns!Silent are you, Seeker of the Queen,
Was this to be a “dream within a dream”?
Was there no moment when you would know
That you would need to look behind the throne?Aye, we are so real and wide-awake
That we would moor the ship or tether grey,
Make the jump alone between the worlds
To be returned, and now you bring the words!

BEYOND THE DARK:We fought such darkness once. No one believed
When all the pain was gone that we would be
Alive, afire, primed with hahka’s lust,
When all had hoped that we had turned to dust.But the Fates decreed this one armed king
And warrior a different path to win.
We keep the Law, watching where is due
Our eye from fortress born of solitude.Should we release our Sword, let her fly
Unto your secret heart, or let her lie
So, unfulfilled, cold, a predator
In waiting, for return of time before?

TO MORROW BIDDEN:"The Singer’s mann knows well the signet,
Holds the Law against the morrow bidden,
The Singer’s arm is not unswerving
When Truth comes to the empty Hall of Kings."Aye, tis true then, dreamers who find tongue,
Complete the pattern, for as we are Daonn,
We knew Law would come to Tara’s Hall
And loose the woven binds of king and thrall.Now this be so moved upon our Eye
That we must need retreat to seek the Cry
Of Summoning, raising from their sleep
Our settled warriors to Kona’s keep.For tidings brought we must send thee on,
Cith our token-brothers for the telling
And they will gather on summer storm
A long completed dark and winter’s Thor.

THE WHORE AS PEARLS OF ICE:Beware the song of the fifth Singer, Quirinus, Shield Bearer of Kings. Enchantment lies within and would be found if turn and turn about would gain a kiss. The ecstasy of blood lust quenched, the severed throat of newly dead, once shared, make binds that fire-brand the heart. We come as Shadow King, the harvested lord in the Age of Ram. Our sign marked by a brilliant, bloody star. We were there when the world howled back to the pangs of some cosmic birth. We would be there again. Inner fire to the drift of echo in the blazing light of youth cut down, the severed binds, the women's tears. Laughter and lust exalt our rule, and all seems well.

EARTHING DRIFT:If you hear us you are summoned, this
Be truly spoken by one Quirinus.
Yet have a care, for we are not seen
Completely, in the passages of dream.We are not one, but fragmented fall
Away, so being scattered, one and all,
Frith eludes. With no connections made
In time we are unravelled and out-played.Kindness, if you have an open heart,
Will span such worlds that thought could not impart,
Quickening of pulse, unfolding blush
Will shape and earth our drift as you see us.

So come to the flame of last moonlight,
Come now to the dark and tremorous sky.
Hands bring the sun to an open hearth
For the tale of a king and make-shift path.Tell, beloved, of a thousand things,
Of the hunted stag to the Mark of Kings,
As pearls of ice from an arctic flow
Are the words of wyrd only future knows.Tell, beloved, for the wing and claw,
For the tempered blood and the oceans’ lore,
Tell, beloved, of eternal fire
That burns in our breast for our lady, caer.Tell of the staff that will strike the stone,
That will mark the rune for the line of Men,
For we kept the rod with horn of Ram,
That fire-struck the stone when the Realms began.We hold the spear that would sever soul,
For the good of the Keep and Lady Stone;
From grove to Sabine and back again,
For the telling now do you know my name?

For name is a key to secret doors
Through the Vale of Tears and the mists beyond,
Home for the Hunter, home to the Hill,
This then is our riddle, take what you will."I know thy riddle since time began,
I call thee Quirinus, I name thee Pan,
Lord for the Calling, marked on the breast,
The weald and the hill shadow Cernunnos."So, Lord of the Forest, Earth and Rill,
For the Shadow name I will come until
You call the Master, I call the Fire,
And Banh rends the Veil to end all desire.Lord of the blood lust, marrow and bone,
Under the wic-wood, through sea or sky flown,
Girded with heart-beat, blood in the eye,
Hunter to hunted, we come intertwined.From Bran to Cul Connagh, Bel an I
Words for the taking when we come by,
Remember Quirinus when you see
The king’s own rule in the roots of a tree.

This is the song of the sixth Singer, Una, the Sword Keeper of Pain, the great Awakener. Behold the words of Una, the Watcher, from the hidden Sanctuary of Heart. In our dreams we lie in waiting for a point in Time to interface, wherein one king must die. This be the mark to seal the bond. So it will be.

THE FUTURE:Time is in the shadow of the Suns.
A battle-wave on crested sea begun
Of human suffering, that we cry
Our keening to our children as they die.Time is in the shadow of misrule,
A span of heart one thousand times renewed,
Yet we are still: once bound by eldritch call,
Once by the future, and once by the Law.Time is in the shadow of the Dark,
Man-child scatters heart-kin, rends the hearth
Apart, in disregard, he severs Law
To serve his hunger, and summons death and war

Dreamers in the sanctuary of heart
Wait the sounds from the great Awakener,
Know the thunder edge of summoning,
Open eye to know the Lords of Dragon.Who summons Una of the First Law
Would open eye. Who faces Una calls
Armageddon from the sleepers’ mind
And all becomes as dust beneath the sky."In measure of time the world stood still,
In twist and tremor the folds took the kin.
We are not challenged, who come to die,
When summoned to this Keep by Dragons cry."Declare the charter’s word and thy mark
For what is said be true. Tell of the star
That stays the Sword from its strike of fire
And would rid us all of our own desires.

BY ELDRITCH CALL:"In Truth, phoenix marks this last of days,
In Reflection, resh will unlock the way,
In Orion’s wake, another sun,
In Unity declared, we have begun."By this opening the speaker knows
Passed seven worlds the way to Eye unfolds,
Through a temple where ground Earth meets sky
Upon a ridge of fire-stone. Be there no lie.FRAGMENTED SPUN:Across the time-drifts there came a star
And would again if one should pierce the marks.
Return, reveal, ere one should be dissolved,
Trans-move, transfix, that All should be resolved.Across the time-drifts fragmented come
The utterance of Law, so nearly spun
That as we are raised from sleep in turn,
Our quickening is felt upon the Earth.Across the time-drifts, upon a mark
Of star, so faded Brahma, Anu, Ra.
The ki in place, veils unknown to man
Prepared for journey, when the Dark began.Yet as truth be known we could not leave,
For Adam’s Child took hold and in our dreams
We lie in waiting, for the Summoner
To be returned upon this blighted world.

CONNECTIONS:Time is interfaced, the death of kings,
A seed of law, a mark one future brings,
All is, and ever was, connected.
May truth be found within this gift of breath!Aye, beliefan this, we hear the words,
And would, within a spell, from future learn
What memories have found connecting ways
To bring us now aligned in nine stones’ ray?Go, shade of our keening, take to flight
Our answer if the needs be met in time,
Be drawn and quartered on circled cross
And we will shape reflection in response.

Herein are the words of the seventh Spinner, Otha, the Shield Bearer of Dragons. Behind, twice, one thousand years have folded back the past in reckoning. The sun returned is known, the rest is but the stuff of dreams. This I know for truth, as I must be the master of my fate. Upon the sign of Fish full meshed did prophecy of doom abide. It came to pass, in the year 541 of our Lord, that death stalked the realms without remorse. Pestilence followed unabated hunger, power unravelled and the Gods had withdrawn in veils of blood. About my hearth it was muttered, beyond my ear, 'twas hoped, that I unnaturally slew a king. I know not of what they speak. I am Otha, first king of Dragons. My banner for near thirty years did mark my right to rule. History will record this authority I so claim. So it was foretold.

BEFORE ME:Memories of seers who came before
Impress, return with haunting images.
Cador’s kind would not discredit will,
For such were signs that won us Badon’s hill.
Before me, three she-cranes bearing scar,
Behind me, all hallowed, the mystic’s star,
From my left hand, three dragons soar,
For my rightful hand claims the rule of Tau.Three times the circled cross unfolding,
Three times a twist, a move, that we would be
Newly formed upon an opening,
As last of song should be for Summoning.Battlefields as judgement, once again
Tattered ravens cloak the sky for kinsmen,
Fangs and claw steadied for first of blood,
That we would meet beneath another sun.

BEHIND ME:Behind us, a strange world of twilight days,
Velvet nights and the whispered rule of Fates,
Cowled phantoms marked the time in passing
And mystery paid homage to the king.An otter’s whelp brought them to their knees
And we eclipse the sun by reckoning.
Old betrayals are removed from mind
With ease, as we are cleansed by rite and line.Yet I lost the greater victory,
Good friends and great advisers, eyes that see,
Broken trust as keystone in my hand,
And none to know what brought the priests undone.The fortunes of vision lead us far
From hearth and home, this day we gorge on blood
That we might forget the consequence
That never more will sound such resonance.

IN MY LEFT HAND:Imperator, now first of Dragons,
Bids you welcome if you would ease the mind,
Take the sight of haunting eyes away,
And tell me that the sea-witch lies at bay.One more or less, fortunes of a war,
Yet this would find its way to still intrude,
Blood of my mother, veiled from my eye,
Clawed open my breast and left me to die.Mute she was and took the Dragon’s tongue,
So cold she was, this elven Lady spun
Of silver and a winter’s storming,
So deathly cold she was, our elven Lady.IN MY RIGHT HAND:Wraith she was and took the Dragon’s claw,
Absorbed the power with a cast of stone
That she called the kheru ennutchi,
Shaped signet of a king with fleeting dream.Death she was and took the Dragon’s eyes,
Shaped a priest-king, an eidolon, of line,
Of blood, in answer to the hunger
She saw within my heart to rule on earth.Near thirty years of this Dragon’s law
Did bind the course of all men and fortune,
Yet in some dark and cold of midnight
I alone remember how came this right.Redeemers all, they would have us so,
But look again, as servants of the Law
Otha is not so kind, yet would be cin
And raise Caput Draconis once again.

THE BYE AS LIGHTNING FLASH:This is the song of the eighth Singer, Lil, the Stone Dreamer of Kings. Ruler of life and breath is Lil, direction, force and quoin, the bye as essence with infinity of form in cascade through the spheres. Now, the veils draw back upon this Lord of Time, the keeper of all life, the Exalted One.Nine cycles unfinished return Lil to the rightful sign of the Scorpion from whence this tale began in distance to all memory. Ruler of the southern skies, the winged serpent, comes to fish and sacrifice must reign. This was so recorded when the Lady left the sea. Only the power of Lil would write the words, only the power of Lil could be the words to shape our realms. This be our understanding. This be our magick and our fervent prayer. Blessings be offered to this elder Child with Crown of Stars.

PAUSE:The gateways shimmer in pause of truth,
A lightning flash of move and counter-move,
Translucent fields sighting interplay
To come, when all good kings should have their day.You will not find us for seeking line,
For we are not the star, the chain from fire
That disembowels, the crown as zimul
That plunges doubled blade within your heart.Haunting babble lingers in the spin
Even beyond dream mastery of kings,
Returning Arukai lord of shade,
Eternal binding for the last of days.

SHIMMER:Here, in shimmer, by the lady’s tongue
In stone comes drift as runic cycles run,
Graven images that wait to be
Tokens in way of immortality.
Here, for breath, we lie beneath the rule,
Forever dreaming, weaving casts of Truth
On lonely dreamers’ wyrd, as we tend
Raised memories to circumvent our death.For in our self made mortality
Is greater truth in how that came to be,
Vouchsafe the passage and I will stay
Eternal shadow to this breaking day.I will be a Champion of Play,
Star lore incarnate to this last of days,
The maker of kings keeping the Law
Of Tuat, to the dream and last of door.

LIGHTNING FLASH:Kings fall in Dark of Sun, the tides keep
Eye upon our pulse, our field of reeds,
Nine times on nine, even as we are
Forever locked as gateways to the stars.Our kin will recognise gift of word,
Vortex in reply to the drift of turn,
Ratified, the wounds of sin dissolve,
If for the bleeding, one could drift, evolve.Know this, the Endur would feed the kind
Upon its own, the true and rightful tithe.
Kings fall in Light of Sun, and tides fall
Under spell that brings us all momentum.Always the lightning flash, first of point,
Light as eld magick’s breath of nine, the quoin
Long held, and long forgotten, yet still
As last and final sign, the way of kings.

I am breath, the Lil of boundless sea,
Yet for a time you may hold rule of me,
Nine times unfinished, on nine until,
In one bright swift of second, word is Will.Forever neter, the Lil of space
Opens eye upon reflection, and waits
Return of challenge to sounding horn
Beyond this mirrored realm when Shadows come.May the Truth as Light become your breath,
All ways the inspiration of your death
And transformation, so Lil would say
To be dissolved, that Truth becomes the day.THE BANH OF REFLECTION.This is the song of the ninth of Singers, Banh, the Shield Bearer of Pain. All cast of name belong to the Lady who gave us birth. Life and Death know Banh and all else in between. Keeper of all fate, the Banh marks the passing points of the great circle, and we, who hear the intersecting Call, respond. All honour given unto the mighty Banh who scatters rune changes with dreaded accuracy upon our minds and hearts. Aes, Tha, Tir, in cyclic move, through nine stone lore, would snare the patterns of all consciousness and cast its catch upon the shore of the ancient whitten lands.

Bring me the challenger and the priest,
A cast of runes and the helm shoring east,
The taste of warm blood to wet the tongue
And a dram of lye when this work is done.Lies he a babe in the womb of binds,
And thinks to be safe in the half-light time,
Knows this is so ‘til his heart is still
And he follows the weaving fired of Will.

DESTROYER:Aes, Tha, Tir, three good signs of portent
To bring us homeward and prepare our dead.
Destroyer lives on such empty things,
Hollow men and the pain tomorrow brings.Lies he a child in the nest of time,
Places trust in patterns of curve and line,
Hopes this is so for the quiet soul
When the Banh queen comes to that secret door.

THE KHERETH:Cen, Sigil, Mann, the cast satisfies,
We summon the Khereth to mirror time,
Raise up the priest king, open his heart,
We feed on the morrow and light up the Dark.Lies he a king in the arms of power,
And feels to be safe in the last-light hour,
Commands this be so for the still of mind,
When the Banh claims rule of the Bel of Nine.

Bring me the wise ones from dark of hill,
All faer, all blood, all resolute in Will,
The she-Elm cries for the Ash of caer,
And by the truth of song we shall be there.Summon the twinned blades as dragons’ fire,
Last rites of passage for the tongue and eye,
Release the cordon, Aatonna lore,
And for the truth of song we open door.
Acknowledge the kings, day is near done,
Honour their passing, another their sun,
Power for taking, kin for the kin,
When Love is the giving, this rite begins.Soon the connection, nine for the lore,
The king to the maker, bye for the whore,
Circled the heart-beat, finite the turn,
Lost is the moment if telling is spurned.Dark for the spilling, blood to the eye,
In pause, the Ennderron, bonded in time,
The One veiled Keystone, shadowed in star,
And for the truth of the cin mann, we are.

Bring me the offering, portent to seer,
Tell of the sighting, when makers come near,
Nine for the kheru, one for the Law,
Tacen for the calling, the serpents’ claw.Honour the circle, tomb of the king,
The cordon of bounds that sacrifice brings,
Honour the circle, womb of the queen,
The realms beyond limit guarded by Shidhe.Aye, through the tidals, honour the trow,
Remember the blood, in mark and in sound,
Ge fera and bye, servant and whore,
Eyes on tomorrow when kings rend the door.Aye, through the tidals of stone and star,
We dream the connections of throat and heart,
For once in our journey, spiral turns
The dream to homeward and we are returned.

FOREVER AND EVER:Aye, through the tidals, unto tomorrow, come the shadow voices from the blood line of the Shidhe. Whosoever recognises these songs will feel touched by the sentiment. These now the words of the Keeper, the most ancient of ones, the Q'r, hall-master of the realm of Shadow-Lands, its heart and voice. Give thought unto the words of the Q'r, first of the Star Lords, marked as the secret stone to the wyrd's core. Aye, through the tidals, first of On, unto forever, the Shidhe bore witness to such changes as did tear your world apart. We remember when the ain of Taurus came no more and our eyes were bound against the drift. Once more the horn upturned did set our fate and we were gone. Now echo upon echo, the wyrd makes cin of distance. Aye, through the tidals, even unto tomorrow, our voices reach beyond the barriers of time with cause. In folds of dream we call, yet still the rift, the breach makes hollow fields of us and all our kin, for as we bleed so does your precious world. We are what you will become and what you have been. These be the words of the Q'r, from heart to centred heart.

CHALLENGER AND PRIEST:Follow the banshee to the Night
Of Summoning, when children cry
Their hunger for a first of breath
To banish dark and Adam’s death.
Shadow the priest king Beleon
To the stars in my lady’s crown,
To the standing stones, tithe and rune,
For offered blood when blood is due.Absorb the nine-stones’ ring of light,
And in the winking of the Eye,
The path of Gwydion unfolds
Its mark and way between the worlds.

GOD KING:Between the pages as they lie,
Another speaker, last of guide,
Commands the telling that you find
One name to mirror this design.Be very careful and beware
When seeking elements of caer,
For She returns what you will find
With measure when the name is kind."Vel koth epah, so it should be
A work of time and memory,
Thus from the forests of the night
A shadow came and gave thee life.""So Q’r you are and Q’r you be,
The first and last of signet’s keys,
And marked as paradox in fire,
The lord and trident come combined."

So it would seem. A Royal star
Did fall as whisper to the mark,
Signs unfolded memory
That speaks my fire as given thee.So bidden, when this quest began,
Seers and mystics for gathering,
Realms of mage and priestly kings,
All came upon the opening.Count well the voices to the spill
For promises and reckoning,
All in time, and is forever
When lighted on a dying world.But for the morrow of our will,
Comes one movement yielding spirals’
Rule, one turn upon the open eye
For heart’s flow and king’s sacrifice.AMEN:NINE STONE:Tell that we love the play, the colour
Of a nine stone flashing through spheres its fire,
Beyond the gods, beyond the absu
No-time. Tell that we know the final play.Time is in the shadow of the Sons.
Summon the priest, the law, to call of blood
Across the realms, for that sweet of sound
Will tone beginnings of our future come.Almost twelve, one circle poised in turn,
The cell of mid-point where all becomes one,
Dimensions hunger for the quickening,
When ways are formed from these polarities.Thus, once more this Work of binding ends
As the wings of Dragon and Phoenix mesh
Across the lie of the serpent man,
And final moves complete this first of crown.

BEYOND WATER'S GRAVE:Tell beloved, of the love we gave
To the dark of man from our water grave,
Tell of the dreaming that spun our eye
Through the mists to shadow and waters lie.Tell of the children who wait for caer,
With a heart of lore and a fervent prayer.
From beyond the grave, beneath the hill,
Sings the last of dream for a haunted world.Tell beloved, of the elder line
Of the heart and hearth, and the faer born child,
Tell beloved, of the ancient kings
Who dream as stone for time and summoning.Aye beloved, for the truth we share
Let love and beauty walk with caer,
For there are no bounds save these in time,
And there, by grace, will source become the child.

INTO FOREVER:By fire and water, wind and tree,
As called we are, so caught we be.
And by the truth of shadow light,
Phoenix and Dragon hold this night."Besom's Kin" (liber 333) Su Leybourn © 2000

2000-2011 Sorcerer's Guild, All Rights Reserved.