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Burned by fire and rendered ashes,

Blown by wind and swept with lashes,

Cleansed by water’s rushing waves,

Buried by earth in unlit graves!

All obstruction to our desire,

Meet with destruction in our magic fire!

All our foes flee far away,

Like empty shadows in the day!

Clarity and freedom are what I foresee

The clutter, the mess begone from me.

Clear skies, obstructions flee,

For now I’m here to set motion free!

Powers above and below and behind

Turn from us negative forces aside

Separate area without from within

Prepare this space for our spell to begin!

Some More:

Evil forces, things obscene,
Begone! I banish the unclean.

As I speak you must disperse,

Ere long you feel my whip, my curse.

I cast this circle by this rite,
All unwanted influences now take flight.

Now the boundary is made,

As all hostile forces fade.

All that oppose me now will flee,
Negativity (or: negative energy) cease to be!

Cleanse this space, this sacred ground,

Growing power now surround!

I need not your influences
Depart now!

Be gone-

Walk on, fell ones.

All obstruction of our desire,
Meets destruction in our Magick Fire.

All our foes flee far away,

And all our fears are laid to waste.

Gather now my stressful conditions,
So be handled and reformed by the coalitions.

Break into pieces and send away,

Any and all woes that darken my day.

Within this circle I have cast,
No unwelcome thing can last.

I banish all that hinders me,

Barred for all eternity (or: As I will so mote it be)!

By blade, by fire, by will, by mind,
Between the spaces, worlds, and time,

A tide, a wave, a gale, a storm,

Negative from this place is torn!

East and South, West, then North,
Powers of these I call you forth!

Cleanse this place from bottom to top,

And keep it clear til I say stop!

Purify this hallowed ground,
Strengthen we that meet in round.

Energy grow, energy build,

Behold the power that we wield!

Zephyr sing, ring the air,
Cast from ice what once was there!

Efreet red blasting, burn,

Flaming plain cleansing turn.

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