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This rite will both cleanse you and your location of any negative energies, while defining the place you are working as holy and divine. It is good practice to do this before any spiritual work as a preventive measure. Additionally, this ritual greatly help in dealing with outside attacks or unwanted entities.

The ritual cleanses all within the circle with divine light, while setting up a barrier against negative energy. The ritual closes with calling upon the elemental archangels, adding their elemental strengths to the banishing. The circle may be projected when you make it, larger then the confines of you space. The constructs do not need to be unmade. The entire rite will take no more than 4 minutes.

Facing east, walk forward. With your dominant hand, trace a pentagram (5 pointed star pointing up) in the air in front of you, starting with the lower left corner. The energy should be visualized in a brilliant blue. When complete, step forward while extending your dominant hand into the center and vibrate YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH. Visualize the pentagram pulsing as you vibrate.
Step back, and walk clockwise in a circle to the south, tracing a white energy path. Create another flaming blue pentagram as you did before. This time, vibrate AH-DOH-NYE.
Proceed clockwise to the west, continuing your white energy path. Create a third blue pentagram, vibrating EH-HEH-YEH.
Progress to the north in the same fashion. Complete the fourth pentagram, vibrating AH-GLAH.
Complete the circle in white light. As this is done, the circle will expand into a white sphere, surrounding you.
Again face East. Visualize a powerful angel standing there, with a wind behind him. Say “Before me, RAH-FAY-EL.” As you do, visualize the colors of yellow and purple, spreading over the sphere, briefly, emanating from the archangel.
Visualize behind you another powerful angel, with the ocean behind her. Say “Behind me, GAHB-REY-EL.” Visualize the colors of orange and blue rolling over your sphere.
To your right, see another angel surrounded by flames, stating “To my right MEE-CHAI-EL”, who will emanate red and green.
Finally, on your left, see a 4th archangel, who will emanate earthy browns and gold as you say “And on my left OHR-REE-EL”.
Finish by saying “Four about me flames the pentagram, and within me shines the 6 rayed star”, the latter referring to the gold energy created at the end of the cabalistic cross. As done, the sphere will fill with divine light, saturating the contents within.

The vibrated words are ancient Hebrew god names; each associated with the 4 elemental corners. The vibrated name of the angels are just that, names of the angels. Each of these words I have found to possess much power.

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