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George Jackson The Binder Adept V

The establishment and utilization of pole(s) of power is probably the most difficult and far reaching magickal operation that you will ever attempt. The requirements for this work will very likely demand that you perform some very honest self evaluation. This is a formidable type of personal survey and from what you learn about how you relate to yourself and others you may find that it is necessary to perform some psychological engineering upon yourself. To assist in understanding the level of work involved consider how many self help books are being sold and how many people are involved in some sort of psychotherapy.

A pole of power can be defined as a person or persons joined to you on the five levels of intellect, emotion, creativity, spirit, and the physical through empathy and consensus to form a gestalt and perform magickal acts. The common form is male/female with each pole contributing what the other lacks and reinforcing the abilities that are present. Groups such as coven operate on a similar principle, but utilize numbers to make up for (usually) the lessor individual commitment to the persons in the circle.

Most magick users operate in a solitary mode occasionally forming temporary group gestalts. Th solitary approach is perhaps the most unhindered from a personal standpoint, but with some notable exceptions it is also less powerful. Even when practicing magick in the solitary condition an in depth psychological preparation is strongly advised. Many practitioners venture into areas where their power levels are to low to properly cope with what they locate or they cannot comprehend the circumstances they find themselves in. Among the unfortunate results of this type of journey are deep states of depression as well as from time to time hallucinations. Exploring the magickal unknown on a solitary basis frequently has the highest level of risk.

Poles of power are utilized at three levels. The first level is the temporary union of two or more magick users to perform a predeterminded magickal act. This is often done at festivals or magickal gatherings and the most common usage is the erection of the magickal circle and the wards. The second level is semipermanent and can involve both the male/female form or a coven. The most common magickal actions at this level fall within the area of invocation (addressing a Deity). The third and final level is the permanent pole of power state.

The permanent state does not necessarily have to be male/female, but it is the most common. It is almost always bipolar in nature because of the level of commitment required. The initial groundwork of empathy and consensus make this a state that can be hard to rush into. Once the emotional and intellectual status is laid down, the physical, spiritual, and creative in turn receives the necessary emphasis. The process is hinted at in the Wiccan "In perfect love and perfect trust" and the Thelemite's "Love is the Law, Love under Will". This is done through ritual and some if not all of the power evoked will remain with you for the rest of your life. It is good to know at this point that the subconscious does not forget anything that you do and the stronger the emotional value of the occurance the more vulnerable you will become to actions connected to this bond. If you are into convenience, do not do this thing.

The ritual is performed in the following manner. The first thing to do is establish the statement of intent, which is for both parties to commit to being each other's Pole of Power. The next thing is to create a "free space" or place of power to perform the ritual. This can be done by building a magickal circle and evoking the Wards. A banishing rite is then done to clear the area of hindering forces and is followed by the primary bonding ritual. The following is an example of a bonding ritual:

We are one mind, me and thee, together when apart; near when far; thoughts within thoughts; aware when unaware; bound within the circle; now until whenever!

We are one spirit, me and thee; together when apart; near when far; Will joined to Will; felt within and without; bound within the circle; now until whenever!

We are one body, me and thee; together when apart; touching when separated; flesh of the same flesh; bound within the circle; now until whenever!

There are various methods of consecrating this union and a level of creativity is encouraged. The Wards are then dismissed and the circle is taken down.

The Pole of Power circumstance has many benefits outside of being a power multiplier. It can be an excellent early warning system when exploring unknown spaces. What might have a limited initial impact on one person can effect the other quite strongly allowing both to make a strategic retreat from a threatening situation. It is also very good for long range nonverbal communication. It sets up the "call me" feeling that crops up in the back of one's consciousness. There are other advantages that vary with the people involved. Finally, there is a personal connection that persists even when the people involved have drifted apart in time and space. When consensus is joined, power is immediately renewed.

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