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There is a Secret Heart to Matrix, that in dreaming weaves intent and pulses song to call its children home. Without, within, the call is heard, to answer now will never be denied. Those who hear the voice of endless night will leave a difference to your changing universe. Behold in song the unravelling of the night of Pan.

In the shadow of a century there came a questing hunter to once sacred ground. Another predator, concealed, with Hawk like intent, did wake from ancient urn, and opened eye upon new breeding ground. A child was born upon a shaft of space and the world trembled to the core and people were alone. The Secret Heart pulsed on, that with some knowledge, connections would be found.

Within the substrata of time one piper called, seven times on seven aires to Pan, to Pan, to Pan! Great star nests made the reply in full circle and turned with annihilation and the shadow of a kindled flame that could not be understood. Still, no failure, but a loving sacrifice for future and our needs. In darkness waited a Seed of Law within the Eye of Void, and dreamed of connections when the times were rite.

One came in silence, with a gentle heart, and dreaming thirteen times, spun out adjustment in a future that with jewelled eyes would be. In one moment this quiet soul would know and Be. One un-manifests Kalpa out the Eye. Thus so declared, this dreamer came no more and the World waited for another birthing time.

Born in the shadow of a gentle son, another, on a winter's night, would hear the Centred Heart call through a weave of stars, and make connections with a future line. Heart and eye aligned and words unfolded changes ere the quill was dry. Shadows soared on golden wing, that once were invisible, for within was Truth. No dreaming this, but worlds forsaking all for nothing: as it must Be.

The Centuries return upon this night of Pan, for Dragon opens eye to all the Ways. Choose one, your own, and be with Truth the Keeper of your days. Infinity of patterns do declare intent upon this page to sing the secret patterns and the hidden lines behind your little World of planet-stone. Let images fall kaleidoscopic to your mind and they will form their own response to what you seek in time.


Beyond the realm of universal fire,

Where super-novic form gives plasmic charge;

Outward, inward, through the shadow no-thing,

Comes whispering, diffuse, the Spinner's Line.

A web of song, invisible by turn,

Rayed out to undulate the weave of space;

Perpetual in motion; all in change,

A questing challenge in this universe.

Beyond the manifested, spins a world

Of multi-spaced geometry; time locked

To us; eternal, flowing radial,

Pulsating bursts of haunting song in turn.


And from the same source that words are given,

Comes silence too in paradoxic stream:

As matrix dreams its children through the drifts

Of void, we are summoned by Vel Tag'n.

Knowledge held within design is Tag'n.

Eld centre point to Matrix, Keepers still,

Pulsing out within the issued changes,

Colours from some cosmic Chameleon.

Laughter, hunger, spawned before beginnings,

Anathema to atrophy rays out

Intention to the children of the stars,

Now, within this seasoned fall of reason.


From Hall of Seeing high on onyx tower,

The Crystal Lotus shivers to the time

Of fracture when the Earth is pierced to heart

And knowledge reaches out its awesome power.

A living pentahedra interfaced

With polarized dimensions, quantum speaks,

And we who find the frequency will be

Time bonded to relay the marks of change.

The Bindu Pearl within this wierdling star,

Rotates the frozen petals to the winds

Of space, eleven facets arcing out,

That we would find reflected, light from dark.


Come, Children of Andromeda, to dream

Beginnings and your heritage, the one,

The future, timeless with your parent flame;

For this, the weave from Matrix will reveal.

Behind your birth was universal thought

As fire, contagion rampant in a race

Within itself for space to breed, molten

Sentience in the framework that was wrought.

Harmonics sounded out sequential verb

For changing down as laughter spun the form;

And nameless Aeons passed eternity

With string of movements echoing for turn.

And the chain from fire made spirals outward,

Disembowelling new born stars in wake;

Tremors reached no point of limitation,

As patterns splayed fire images from core.


There are no bounds to universe save these,

That patterns endless are dimension snared;

Beyond, within, about, the hunger breathes

As Shadows come upon the images.

Distortion is the imprint now declared,

The shadow terratoma to your kind:

Behind the Seeing is the Mani veiled,

Perspective offered from a crystal lair.

First born the eldritch children came upon

The cells of space, in chaos multiplied,

And howled their hunger to the emptiness

That bore them, and screamed to know response.


No one listened, for there was no one there;

But they were heard and came again for birth

In measure and divide. Light-Fall round them

Embryonic, when spheres to form are turned.

Three times the birthing in infinity,

For death, dimension and intelligence;

Three times a paradox to be defined,

As manifested they must cease to be.

First born the eldritch children turned to stone,

And galaxies breathed in that pulse of heart,

The Point with no Beginning breathed a sigh

To see, to hunger and to know, alone.

Vel Tag'n spun the Light-Fall once again

With memory, to call the Children home,

But the planet stones were silent, dreaming,

Wombed monoliths with life-force to relay.


Across the universe the seeding reached

No barrier to patterns infinite;

Save one, dimension; multi-cellular

Space images that will,

In time, be breached.

Outside the bounds of time the Centre rayed

The imprints of a birthing to the core

Of planet stones, that with the dreaming done

There would be memories from stars again.

Eleven fragments from the Bindu come

Refracted, as eleven spheres align

Upon the opening. Seven times the spin

Of star burst: On the frame that is undone.


Behold pale Argo to the Merach drifts,

When Leda bleeds upon the Canopy,

And Dark Orion offers up its throat

For sacrifice to seal the Spinner's gift.

Long since Ghiena led with Sceptre's reign,

And Aurigae twinned embryonic fire:

Now Shadows come upon that offering

Absorb with lightning, and are rearranged.

Alone, divisible, the lie of mien,

Each form unique and sightless to the weft

That holds them desolate, within a breath,

Until in gateway comes Chameleon.

For as the lens of stars fire-shapes the wyrd,

The cast of Shadows loom upon the weave;

The Faceless Ones before you stir entombed

Within the planet stones, to be revealed.


Zyaneth'ul lies sleeping in the world

Beneath your feet, and dreams the eldritch way

Of nexus to the sub-atomic sphere,

And fills the cells between against return.

First born the eldritch children turned to stone,

And galaxies breathed in that pulse of heart,

The Point with no Beginning breathed a sigh

To see, to hunger and to know, alone.

The planet womb of Gaia holds the key

To future sphere protected, as you make

Your way in ignorance behind your eye

The Spinners' Line still resonates the dreams.

Dark ways unfold upon this final tense,

When blood of moon reveals the final curse;

And ghastly images of death address

The lust for result and independence.


Once, with now and forever, our children

Bleed upon the wheel, until they realise

That all within the Heart is, as it was,

And come with Sight to turn, and turn again.

You are the children of Andromeda,

Star flung and seeded once within the Mark

Of Kings, divisible, material;

To birth your eld and shining's Aaton star.

For in that essence redefined is Truth,

And that which you were once will be again,

One Heart, one Pulse, one blaze of diamond light

To split the belly f your planet womb.

Ruptured, molten wounds with knowledge bleed

A perfect spectrum cast of seven rays;

Each world absorbed within a final tone

As All-in-One becomes of star born seed.

All is change as the matrix yields its own

Upon the Aaton jewel, and dream is sealed

By eldritch twins. The Breath of Nine makes full

The radiance, and you have found your home.


Vel Tag'n moves upon the quiet space,

Within a framework born of cyclic time,

Releases sound and illumination

With Crystal Lotus firing star relays.

The beacons mark reminders from above

That all has purpose on a single day,

If you can realise a future held

Within your hands, by active will and love.

You cannot take what is not yours to have,

Nor make inheritance with broken skills;

Earth rapists cannot feed on charred remains,

Nor build the world again with blooded hands.

Now look upon the sickly harvest gained

When rampant individuality

Makes sport with dreams, and masks the universe

In song, for hunger that is not assuaged.


Beyond the Treasure Dome of Seeing Hall,

The Crystal Lotus flares upon the dark

Of dreaming, as does the midnight sun

In mind invade the time of evenfall.

Galactic wastelands ripple in the seam

To spirals, as the Lotus turns once more,

With brilliance for the shards that fall away

To twist the hand of Kronos and our schemes.

In Time these facets come to germinate

Within the minds and hearts of those who dare

To challenge atrophy and speak the pulse

Of change, with gift of blood for bonded fate.

The words of Truth are borne on sacrifice,

Decay and yielded tears, as speakers meet

Illusion face to face; and having done

Turn gladly to annihilation's knife.


Is what you do important for the space

In which you breathe? Does not your Nest draw cold

In silence to the sounds you have forgot? The Heart of Earth unkindled waits for flame.

Yet, in one instant is the song returned,

By love and movement ancient on the wings

Of myth, and to the memory of tide

That comes upon the images we learn.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum" with mirrored face

Imprinting cosmic messages, reveals

The hidden markers in a wider field,

As Centuries disclose evolving ways.

Above, below, the Keepers leave the keys

Of utterance to a chaotic world:

For by the same mouth that annihilates

Comes reflection too with the still of peace.


Behold connections with harmonic sound,

If all would turn towards the shadowed sun

With kinship, and with memory of child

Of planet stone that holds this seventh round.

All prophecies from race have come to turn

Upon a single hour that finds its mark

In silence, now, upon this close of day

As you who hear vibration come to learn.

By measure of a round the world is set

For change within an instant of your life,

And children grow to take their resting place

Like Chrysalides awaiting sleep or death.

Know Transformation is the final key

As kalas blend within the resonance,

The children of the stars are welcomed home

To bind a universal comity.


Before you, great stars echo out, and wait,

As you must learn the path of Keeper now;

For as you tend the Earth you tend yourself,

Your unborn children and your heritage.

Behind you is the imprint of a star,

The talismatic shadow of your path:

With Bindu Pearl reminder of a song,

The way is open from Andromeda.

Beyond you spins a manifested prayer

Forever from the pulse of matrix heart,

And calls its children through the universe:

For if the Way would open we are there.

© 1994 "The Hall of Seeing" (Liber 161) and the third work in a series of four documents which in total equate to the frequency 999, by Su Leybourn

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