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The High Priest;s part Calling Down


The “Moon” (the power of the moon and the essence of femininity) is called down upon the High Priestess. The High Priest does the calling and the High Priestess should furnish him with a copy of the script/words she wishes him to use.

The “Sun” (the power of the sun and the essence of masculinity) is called down upon the High Priest by the High Priestess. It is best to accept this power facing west at night, south during the day and east if it is early morning. It is also best to accept this power in the “male position”, i.e., feet together, both arms up--right crossed over left, the so called “pharaoh/mummy” position.


It doesn’t happen every time or even most times, but you may actually feel the God enter you. Don’t be frightened, the God will not possess you--we Witches are not “ridden” like the Gods of Voodoo who both possess and ride their “horses” (worshipers). Instead, the God is WITH you, not controlling but just with you. If you are alarmed, you may just “shake Him off”, literally. And he won’t be mad at you but will just suddenly be gone. But if you are not frightened, at this time, you will be given a great opportunity to see a little of what it feels like to be a God. You will feel enormous strength and KNOW that you could just reach out and easily destroy the world and all the people in it! Yet at the same time, the very concept will seem comical because you know that you would never do that to the humans that you love and you will then begin to know the true meaning of “God the Father” as you look with His eyes upon his children.

While in God-mode, you should also look at the Goddess inside the High Priestess. You will find yourself feeling a tenderness and love that is truly not completely describable. You will recognize and feel the God’s ageless memories of eternal passion and companionship with Her.

There may even be lust and you may even get an erection, yet the feeling will be tempered and full of gentle care so far beyond earthly desire that you will not be tempted to take any inappropriate action.

To feel this great gift, during the calling down of the sun, you need to find an openness, courage, and trust inside yourself that may only come after many years of magick practice. Also, contrary to what I just wrote, beginners may feel the God the very first time they are in such a ritual position—as a blessing and confirmation that they are on the right path. Do not be afraid. And remember that the Deities do as they will, not what any person may write of or expect of them! For myself, cautious Ansur, the first step in my trust came long ago when spirit possessed balloons inside the house came rushing into the ritual room, then went “splat” and rebounded from the edges of the circle I had cast. At that moment, I knew that my circle really existed and that nothing negative could enter it. It also confirmed my power to cast such a circle.

If you are entered, then lend the God inside you your voice, for He may wish to give those present the benefit of His wisdom.

by Lord Ansur, Facilitator and Acting High Priest of PACT Coven

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