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By George D. Jackson – Adept V

One of the problems I have become aware of in our community, mainly through listening to and reading a litany of complaint from various practitioners in several magickal paradigms, is the level of Power we raise in the circles we cast. At first I thought perhaps this was just their perception, but after doing some inquries among some of the long time practitioners in our magickal paradigms I have found that they am not alone in this observation. I also found that there were a number of our fellows out there seeking solutions.

There are several reasons why we may be having difficulty in raising high levels of Power within our Circles. Among the most significant ones are that some of us come from the major religious paradigms where group activities were performed in a follow the leader type of approach and the magickal dynamics were never ever explained. The leader of these activities probably had some concept concerning the methods being used to unite consciousness, but he sure wasn't going to call them magickal. Also, any Power that was raised was directed to the benefit of the religious organization involved. The congregation, power wise, was left in a dead zone and just accepted that as normal. Because people learn from experience and many magic users are solitary practitioners, attendance of public rituals with low power levels was not remarked on. Also, it has been pointed out to me that sometimes the low power levels are deliberate so as to shield neophytes from psychic overload. I have some reservations concerning this as I was originally drawn to my magickal paradigm by feeling the power present in a series of semi-public circles. That was over twenty-five years ago and my approach has undergone significant change so that now I refer to myself as a chaos theory sorcerer. This is a pick and choose approach that utilizes techniques from several magickal paradigms and also incorporates a lot of modern scientific theory and practice. The sorcery title indicates that the work is intended to effect ordinary reality rather than being focused on the spiritual.Another principle reason why there are difficulties in raising Power in the group environment is connected to personal psychological defense screens that we have all installed in our individual subconscious minds over the course of our lives. There is no doubt that these are necessary for us to go on with our day to day lives without being overwhelmed by outside forces. Our big problem is that many of us don't know how to lower these screens on an individual basis when the need comes about. The following is an exercise that can give the individual magick user the ability to drop her or his screens at Will when the circumstances warrant it.This exercise is in part a method utilized within the Huna (Hawaiian magick) paradigm. It involves using a pendulum and talking to your "basic self" otherwise known as your subconscious mind. At this point it may be worthwhile to mention that the Huna approach considers an individual as a gestalt entity consisting of three selves existing in the physical body. The middle self is the conscious analytical mind that in part is tasked with aiding the evolution of the basic self as well as its own. The High and basic selves are both contained in the collective unconscious. The High self is the most evolved and is the source of individual Power. The basic self is primal and is the source of emotion, as well as storing all memory, processing environmental items into energy, and running the autonomic nervous system. It is also the conduit between the High and middle self and it needs to be educated. The materials needed for this exercise are a pendulum and a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it and a cross within the circle. The first thing one needs to do is set up the parameter of the operation. Suspending the pendulum over the center of the circle by a finger and thumb you tell your basic self that forward and back is "yes" and side to side is "no". Around the circle is "I don't know". Now tell your subconscious to show you yes, no, and I don't know. Once this is set in place you are ready to proceed. Holding the pendulum over the circle you tell your basic self to lower its barriers and allow outside energy to flow through you. You then ask your subconscious if it understands this command and will comply. When it answers "yes" reward it by telling it how much you approve of this decision.This exercise is designed to be performed by two or more people who have learned to drop their barriers. The people involved join hands and command their low selves to drop their barriers and allow the energy flow. Power flows into the right hand and out of the left. It should be cycled at least three times or until one can feel the tingle or surge passing through them. The accumulated Power can then be directed into the center of the group and used to perform operations agreed on before the gestalt was formed or it can be directed outward to form the cone of power. By the way, gestalt means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Once the group's goals are accomplished be sure to ground the power and raise the preexisting personal barriers. This kind of work is a temporary magickal bonding. If not dissolved at the end of the ritual you are going to leave with more than you planned on. Like most worthwhile things this takes a period of practice. Once it becomes commonly used it becomes second nature so to speak. One of the things it will do is allow the user to rate the levels of energy in any circle the user participates in. When among close associates it allows for a lot of fine tuning. I use this in my "Path of the Adept" magick course and my students are STRONG!

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