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The Guild is a magical gestalt bound together by Initiation.
There are four approaches to this event.
• The first is where an individual has reached a level of personal magickal achievement such that additional training is not considered a significant factor and immediate initiation is judged to be of benefit to both the individual and the guild.
• The second approach is through classes such as the guild’s “Path of the Adept.”
• The third is apprenticeship which is very much a one on one approach between a member and a close associate.
• The fourth is the “Pole of Power” circumstance where a member is in partnership with someone from the magickal standpoint and has bonded on this level.
The Guild’s mission statement is the enhancement of every member’s personal power on the individual magical level. Communication is an ongoing process within the membership in the form of letters, articles, magical projects, and mutual support.
Among the magical paradigms practiced by the members are Chaos Theory Sorcery, Druidism, Huna, Shamanism, Thelema, and Wicca.
This gives us a very eclectic mix. Creativityinnovation, and initiative are highly encouraged.
People interested a specific approach such as Wicca are encouraged to inquire. Their questions will be forwarded to the relevant teachers within the Guild.